• Classic Facial R600 for 60 min

    A natural and aromatic facial. All ingredients s from nature. Natural and safe on all skin types. This facial will leave your skin refresh and hydrated.

  • Deluxe Facial 800 for 90 min

    Add a wonderful 30min Back Neck shoulder massage to your already amazing aromatic facial.

Nurturing your body and growing baby is a vital part of addressing the body mind dynamic during your pregnancy.

Pregnant woman experience posture changes with the centre of gravity shifting during pregnancy. This may lead to (lumbar lordosis) curvature of lower back and rounding shoulders resulting in lower back pain coupled with sore shoulders. Regular massage treatments will assist in relieving tension, decreasing edema & increase blood & oxygen flow to baby.


Touch is the first language that parents & babies use to communicate. A language that has the potential to support and nourish, a language beyond words. As babies, our most powerful experience comes through the medium of touch. We reach out to touch and explore the world around us. We are held and cradled by our parents. Some believe the quality and quantity of touch our baby receives is crucial for healthy emotional, physical and mental development.

Every emotion and physical experience mom has during her pregnancy is in some way transferred to the baby. Massage during pregnancy support the “mothering” hormones that influence breast feeding and enhance the critical function of the placenta. The art of skillful touch can bring depth to the experience of pregnancy. Nurturing is pivotal to happy healthy babies & glowing pregnant moms. So why not enjoy a warm bath followed by a massage in the comfort of your home!


Pregnant women may suffer from aches and pains, tension and edema during pregnancy. Psychologically they may be affected by stress, anxiety, hormonal changes, vivid dreaming or insomnia. There are some fantastic benefits for you and baby when incorporating massage in your antenatal health plan during pregnancy in preparation for labor and childbirth.


  • Relief from muscle tension, lower back pain, shoulder & neck tension
  • Assists in lengthening the spine and creating space for baby
  • Assists in treating edema
  • Soothing, induces a calming effect on the nervous system
  • Stress relief on weight bearing joints
  • Nurturing touch for mother to be & baby
  • Emotional support


There are some contra-indications for pregnancy massage they include heavy discharge, gestational diabetes, fever, high blood pressure, abdominal pain, deep vein thrombosis, placental dysfunction.

There are many different schools of thought regarding massage in the first trimester of pregnancy. It is a time of critical development and growth for the fetus. All of mother to be’s energies shift at once to support and nurture the growing embryo. Your wellbeing should be closely guarded. Every pregnancy is different, the body may reject the pregnancy as unviable. There is no research or medical reason to support the first trimester as a contra – indication for massage. Massage can be extremely helpful at this time, as a woman comes to terms with the physical, emotional and spiritual changes and prepares to transition into a new role and identity.


New mothers have just experienced an extensive output of energy. A new mom has birthed her baby and a part of herself as well. Especially for woman who have experienced their first pregnancy and have been transformed through their birthing rite of passage. The invisible mystery that grew inside has entered the world and mom is now face to face with a whole new life. Massage can help a new mom adapt to the psychological and physiological challenges ahead. A woman’s core energy is often depleted as the body begins the process of recovery and healing.

The new bundle of joy requires all of moms focus and attention, yet she must still cope with new body sensations, rapid hormonal adjustments and overwhelming emotions. Depending on the situation some new moms re-enter the demands and activities of their daily lives fairly soon after the birth and do not have sufficient time for bonding and recovery. During this period moms need nurturing and sleep as much as baby does.


  • Assists in crucial regeneration of vital energies for recovery
  • Nurturing time and space
  • Improved posture alignment
  • Increases the release of endorphins
  • Increased blood flow
  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Decreased muscle tension from nursing, carrying and rocking baby
Post partum massage is a wonderful gift for new mothers.


Nursing and emotional nurturing holding & bouncing baby causes tension in the upper back and sore shoulders. Moms also may be experiencing lower back ache from awkward positions and poor posture through the pregnancy. Ligaments along with abdominal and perineal muscles have been stretched and strained. Kegel exercises, abdominal strengthening, acupuncture and massage all will assist in restoring the full function of these muscles.

Receiving a massage in the comfort of your home soon after your birth may assist you to return to equilibrium. New born babies are welcome on the massage table nestled in your chest if you so wish. A time of sanctuary for a new mother, a time to be nurtured and taking a short break from caring for others. We understand last minute cancellations and make allowance for extra time needed for nursing, diapering and whatever might come up during or before a treatment begins.

This lowered cost is only valid for the Workplace massage program; this will exclude any Wellness days and Pamper days arranged. This cost is only valid if the company signs up to a weekly or monthly program with a minimum of 6 months to 12 months. Min of 10 Staff to qualify for this program. Other – T&C’s apply